VPS SSD servers

Cloud Unmanaged VPS SSD

  • Cheap and Affordable,Secure,Reliable NVMe SSD
  • Fast as rockit SSD NVME storage
  • Various Linux choices available for you VPS
  • FREE VPS Snapshots with 2 Backup Rotation available for you.
  • Reliable server with high-tech components
  • Built in Anti-DDoS server safeguard

Build you own VPS settings

VPS Start form $6.76USD

Servers distributions environments

Servers are compatible with the wide range of Server operating system and third party software.

Linux Distributions

Windows OS Servers

Standard And Datacenter Editions

Works for Virtualization

Suitable for Control Panels

Hosting Database

Dedicated hosting server FAQ

A dedicated hosting service is a form of Internet hosting where the client desires exclusive access to an entire server. This server offers greater flexibility than shared hosting, granting organizations complete control over the server(s). This control includes selecting the operating system and hardware and having full access to resources and the operating system as the system administrator.
The typical server provisioning time is expected to be around 8 hours, with a potential maximum duration of up to 72 hours. The time required for provisioning depends on the dedicated server model and specific configurations.
Our dedicated servers are self-managed, meaning the customers handle server management tasks.

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